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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Marketing Tips For MetroPCS In Leominster Mass

By Luis Galarza and Anna Phommatham.

If you live in the Leominster Mass area you need to know that MetroPCS is a new cell phone service provider, which specialize on pre-paid wireless service. This company is big in other metro cities like New York city, Los Angeles, Chicago, and others where they became popular by been the first pre-paid company that offers low cost unlimited talk and media services to its customers.

But, even after having such a good offer, many people in town don't know what's MetroPCS, and if they do they think is just another pre-paid cellphones service carrier. The truth is that this company offers a very low price of $50 for a service that will cost you around $110 to $150 with standard wireless carriers.

As you can see their offer is excellent, but the local store still manage not to get the word out the right way. They are focusing their efforts in the wrong offer...

To increase sales conversions from a marketing campaign you need to know what people want or need. Without this market information you can hurt your business with low conversion advertising campaign.

Now as a MetroPCS store owner you have a big advantage over other wireless dealers, because the firm already did the research for you, and you can see that on their UPS (Unique Selling Proposition) or tag-line which says "The Unlimited Company". What this tell you is that they found out that people wants a better type of pre-paid cellular service, they want freedom of talking as much as they need, surf the net as much as they want, text and send pictures as much they want, all that and more for an easy affordable monthly payment.

So use the free accessory promotion only as a bonus for customers, but focus on promoting or creating a Leominster MA marketing campaign that promotes the unlimited plan and no contrast required, well is more into this to make sure your campaign is successful, just contact me for more information.

Marketing Strategy.

Well, now that we know what you store marketing should be focusing on, what you need is create a good campaign to spread the word of this promotion around town.

Here are some ideas:
1. - Advertise on the Coffee News newsletter.

2. -
Put Ad on the local free newspapers.

3. -
Online ads only on sites like: Sentinel and Enterprise, Twin Cities News Blog, SuperPages, and Topix.

4. -
Strategic partnerships, call me for details on this strategy.

5. - Set up a referral program promotion campaign that will have your current customers want to send you new ones.

Just keep your marketing strong specially on this recession times, because those who want to save money by cutting marketing expenses may be going out of business before the end of this economy down turn.

I hope this tips will help you send your business to new levels....

To your success,

Luis Galarza and Anna Phommatham,
Online and Offline Marketing Consultants.

Find Luis at: The Internet Marketing Blog.
And Anna at: The Marketing And Advertising Blog.